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OES was founded midway through 2022, stemming from a group of console drivers looking to experience the PC universe. Having stemmed from a console league, the team is very familiar with one another which has come to form a strong community that not only competes together through endurance events but also competitively alongside each other through a range of different leagues under the team banner. Oranje Express Simracing takes pride in not only the on-track respect for one another, but the hours of work put into setups, liveries, and inclusion of all members across the team. 2023 marks the start of a competitive year for OES, adventuring across many leagues and private events to seek success through their sim-racing endeavors.


Australia and New Zealand’s largest simracing community offering the most competitive racers and events in APAC.


We offer league racing, special events, casual sessions and much more.


A North American Based PC racing league that offers events in ACC that focuses more on enjoying the hobby of sim racing.


SRO is a community built around sim racing, primarily Assetto Corsa Competizione.


Assetto Sim Racing NZ (ASRNZ) is a community of NZ & Australian based sim racers. Competitive, clean racing every week. Come race with us.

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